The Storm Trooper Paradox

Something that has always bothered me about storm troopers is their tendency to miss, why is that? I mean, c’mon surely it’s not like you’re trying to put a proton missile in the Death Star thermal exhaust vent. Alas they do miss and quite a bit at that as the internet has hilariously realised.

            So why do they miss? It’s easy to dismiss the Stormtroopers’ bad aim as a simple way to keep the main characters alive, but is it that simple? I believe not! “Rogue One” cleared up quite a few things that have been bothering us, for example why does the Deathstar have such a massive flaw, what powers the super weapon and why is Luke Skywalker labelled as Red 5? But did Disney sneak in a quiet answer as to why the Stormtroopers accuracy is so Terribad? Well… the short answer is maybe, so let’s explore. I think that we can establish fairly well that the Force protects those who believe in it. When Chirrut Imwe is first introduced into Rogue One, he is clearly not a Jedi but a believer in the Force and his first line is “May the Force of others be with you.” So this is the first clue we have. Clearly Imwe can do some amazing things as was showed in Rogue One, in the scene where Imwe takes on a squad of Stormtroopers. Oops Spoiler ALERT.     Shortly after the scene Baze comes in and unloads on the remaining Stormtroopers, and Imwe tells him that the force protected them. In the previous installments of Star Wars, the Force was an almost magical power (Let’s pretend the Medichlorians never happened), but in Rogue One it is established as more of a spiritual Force and belief that can make the impossible happen.
Exhibit B for this theory is the scene where Chirrut decides that he must flip the switch on the master communication line, situated directly in the line of fire. Through the scene he walks to the switch while being fired at by Deathtroopers (you’d expect these guys to hit with a name like that) and he chants “I am one with the Force and the Force is with me” where he eventually flips the switch… Unscathed. Now is the part where you say, “but didn’t he and everyone die?” Well yes they did, but they fulfilled their destiny in the process allowing the Deathstar to be shot down ultimately. Rogue One made the Force something more, showing that anyone who believes in the Force can be shielded by it regardless of how well the enemy aims. So are the Stormtroopers really inaccurate or is it the Force disrupting them? And if it’s the latter how come Han Solo never got hit by a Stormtrooper considering he thought it was Mumbo Jumbo.
Force or Forced plot points?
You Decide…
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