Meet our judges:

LeeLee Herrmann is a writer and all-round lover of pop culture and zombie expert. He is a co-founder of Tall Tales Publishing, co-owner of Central City Comics and author of the SAZA trilogy.

Nas Hoosen Nas Hoosen is a writer and illustrator. He's one of the founders of Sector Comics, a South African comics anthology. He also co-created Red Air - a psychedelic sci-fi horror about astronauts fighting evil pop music - with artist Ben Rausch. He has written for The Guardian, Dazed And Confused, BBC Online Radio and Huck Magazine in the UK. He dreams of naps.

Abi GodsellAbi Godsell has been writing sci-fi, horror, fantasy and urban magic short stories since 2006 with a number of her stories published in speculative fiction anthology magazine Something Wicked, the first when she was just 16 years old. Abi is an engineering student at Wits University.

Dave HendersonDave Henderson is an entrepreneurial genius. He is the founder of MyeBook, a blog-business aimed at empowering African authors and giving them a voice within the vibrant global self-publishing community.